BDO Italia, international network

BDO Italia, international network

Giovanni Calabro, President Calfin International :: BDO Italia

Sense of purpose: an event between sustainability and transformation

Save the date, March 26 2020.

Several will be present at the event, including Giovanni Calabrò as President of Calfin International SA in the city of Pirellone which will host an important event, where companies are confronting the two themes, sustainability and transformation in the economic and social field.

“In search of a sense of purpose: for a sustainable and exponential impact” is the name of the event where the companies and the participating public confront each other on different topics, such as the metamorphosis of the economic system, sustainability, the role of responsibility that they have research on the use of new technologies on a social, cultural, institutional and environmental level.

Research is presented by two large companies recognized worldwide: one of these is BDO Italia, a well-known international network of integrated companies that offer professional advice all over the world. They are present in 167 countries, managed by 1,800 offices and more than 88,000 professionals. The year ended September 30, 2019 generated global revenue of $ 9.6 billion, posting 10% growth in global business compared to the previous year.

The event is scheduled for 09:30 at the Gio Ponti Auditorium. Assolombarda, in Milan, via Pantano 9.

Calfin International takes part in the event organized by BDO Italia, an international network of independent companies that offers professional consultancy services, on the role of companies within the integrated metamorphosis for the development of new technologies. The Calabrò, as usual, will participate in the dialogue between companies with a comparison on the strategies useful for achieving the objectives, in a context of change by integrating various economic, social, political, institutional, cultural and environmental components.

The companies will participate, between questions and answers, in a debate in the light of integral development accompanied by the use of nu where technologies.

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