Giovanni Calabrò

A successful businessman

Entrepreneur of a Surprising Success

Giovanni Calabrò
Giovanni Calabró well-known entrepreneur and protagonist of success who continues to extend beyond Europe to Russia, Turkey, China, United Arab Emirates and other emerging markets.

Chairman of the established group headed by the holding company Calfin International SA, leader in the sector of financial investments and raw materials with particular focus on rare minerals.

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Giovanni Calabrò
Giovanni Calabrò was born in Reggio Calabria, home to one of the most prestigious museums in Italy dedicated to the Magna Graecia, which houses the famous Riace Bronzes, precious examples that have become its identifying symbols.

From an early age,  he showed strong creative talent and precise study skills, which he put to use in attendance at a famous school in Reggio Calabria.  In the years at the university he moved to Messina to achieve his law degree. He then moved to Rome to study Corporate Civil Law at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, one of the oldest universities in Italy and the world, founded in 1303 by order of Boniface VIII.

Giovanni Calabrò’s demonstrates a distinct passion for travel, combined with a insatiable curiosity, which have brought him to visit several countries and searching out different cultures. Among the most important countries are Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay in South America, North and Central America, Mexico, Europe, Turkey and Arab countries, China. During his time abroad, he has had the honour of attending and meeting authorities and illustrious people.

Giovanni Calabrò speaks four languages correctly and fluently, with a high level of knowledge of financial language and international markets.

President of a well-known group that operates throughout the world, Giovanni Calabrò left Italy with a small family business, and is now a prominent player  in the world of international finance and business. His activities concern finance, real estate and industrial investments.

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Life in Montecarlo

Giovanni Calabrò
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Giovanni Calabrò, a resident in London, also presides in Montecarlo, a reference point for international events of great prestige.

For Giovanni Calabrò, as for many demanding entrepreneurs, Montecarlo is one of the more iconic destinations for the economic and financial sector especially considering its competitive infrastructure, the density of activities related to finance, industrial activities and conjunction between investors from around the world.

In addition to being a strategic platform, Montecarlo is also the cradle of luxury and high-end tourism, a city known for its beaches, its casino and the Grand Prix, which takes place in the streets of the city and brings many fans and visitors. Not too far from Montecarlo is Saint-Tropez and the Pierre-Philippot Classic Tennis Tour.  This area is also ideal for launching events like that for Generous People which gather funds for the Heart Fund.

Charmed by the pleasant climate and love for the sea, Giovanni Calabrò in Montecarlo enjoys restaurants on the coast and savoring foods based on raw fish and seafood, two of his favorite dishes along with Argentine steak.

He has a strong passion for wristwatches, an accessory that he considers his undisputed trademark, they complete his look and for this reason he loves to search for the most precious and esteemed on the market boasting a valuable private collection.

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His passion for music

Giovanni Calabrò
Giovanni Calabrò has a strong passion for music and singing, for this reason he has developed a wide culture in all musical genres.

Brilliant pianist,  he attended the School of Music Artuso in Reggio Calabria at a very young age.  The strong attraction for music, led him to sponsor and fund several projects, music schools and singers.

His favorite singer is Stevie Wonder, a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer, considered one of the most innovative and influential musicians among the artists of the music scene, as a contributor to the evolution of soul and R & B.

His favourite TV personality is the showman and actor Christian De Sica, who has participated in numerous successful comedies.

Always a football fan, Giovanni Calabrò’s favourite team is Milan.

His favorite hobby is golf, which he loves to play with friends on holidays.

Giovanni Calabrò :: passion for golf
Giovanni Calabrò :: passion for music